Mozilla Localization Editors

Mozilla Localization Editors

To edit resource files in Mozilla software and extensions, you need the appropriate editor that support the following:

The following table lists some editors and their Unicode support:

Name Optional BOM Escaped Unicode Platform License
UniRed yes yes Windows free
SC UniPad yes yes Windows commercial
BabelPad yes no Windows
EditPad Plus no no Windows


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Get Started with UniRed

Note that UniRed does not detect Unicode font automatically, meaning that if you use English version of Windows, some character may not appear correctly. If so, you need to change the default font:

  1. Go to Options | General Settings...
  2. Set Proportional font. If your system has an Unicode font, e.g. Arial Unicode MS, use it. Otherwise, use a font that has the characters you need.
  3. Click OK
  4. Go to Options | File Settings...
  5. In the Fonts tab, change Edit Font to Proportional
  6. Click OK

Saving BOM-less UTF-8 Files

To saving a UTF-8 file without BOM (e.g. a .dtd file), in the save file dialog set Charset to UTF-8 (not UTF-8 (BOM)). Set Unicode representation to - .

Saving/Opening Files in Escaped Unicode Format

To save or open a file in escaped Unicode format (e.g. a .properties or .js file), in the open/save file dialog set Charset to UTF-8 . Set Unicode representation to \uXXXX .

Note: you can go to Options | File Settings to set the default settings for .properties, .js, and .dtd files.

Checking the Format of the Current File

To check the format of the current file, open the FIle menu and choose Properties .

SC UniPad

To set file format, open the File menu and choose File Properties . To save a BOM-less UTF-8 file (e.g. a .dtd file), set Format to UTF-8 and leave Byte Order Mark unchecked. To save in escaped Unicode format (e.g. for .properties or .js files), set Format to ASCII+UCN(\u) .

UniPad will automatically detect text format when you open a file.

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