Lazy Man's Hello World Javascript Component Instructions
by Eric Murphy

Are you a lazy Windows user who wants to make the Hello World JavaScript Component? Were you scared away by Pete's instructions because you are not a UNIX hacker?

If so, then have I got a deal for you! You can get yourself that component without all the hassle. I have created a zip file that has everything you need to get you started. Just unstuff it into your Mozilla bin.

OK, so what is included in this great package special?

base\libIDL-0.6.dll - needed to compile the IDL
base\glib-1.2.dll - ditto
base\'a whole bunch of c, cpp, h, idl, o, in and other files'

Now that you are setup, here is what you have to do to finish the deal:

  1. Copy xpidl.exe into \base. You are going to run this from console, so get it ready, pointing inside this directory.

  2. create the nsIHello.idl and nsHello.js files as shown in Pete's notes. Put nsIHello.idl in \base.

  3. From console, enter this: xpidl -m typelib -w -v -I -o nsIHello.idl

  4. Now there will be an nsIHello.xpt in \base. Copy that and nsHello.js into the bin\components folder.

  5. Test your interface as specified in Pete's notes. Use bin/xpcshell.exe to enter those commands and stuff.

That's all! Should we shake on it?

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[1] Submitted by: Marius on Thursday February 22nd 2001

Where can I get the xpidl.exe for W32? I tried to compile it, but have references to some ../../rules.mak and things like this are very common to everything I try to compile from I've downloaded whole mozilla 0.8 source but this does not help, it always misses some files. Even directory names does not match to documentation, e.g. public now is base. Maybe you should update these things sometimes? Or place a version number?

[2] Submitted by: Raghunath Mukundan on Thursday July 19th 2001

Me too is stuck with the XPIDL.exe compilation. The Rule.mak file is giving problem for me also. please tell me where can i get the XPIDL compiled one so that I can Directly use the same.

Please Reply ASAP

[3] Submitted by: dirk on Friday January 3rd 2003

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