Hello World Javascript Component

Mission Control: "Ok you are a go"
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Here is a quick and dirty example of how to create a Hello World javascript component.
It is using the nsISample code posted here.
This example shows how it is done on unix.
Windows and Mac will be added.

Sample Hello interface source file
Create a file called nsIHello.idl then put the code below inside.
You can use the uuid(IID) below but what you need to do for your
own interfaces is generate a unique number.
On windows you can use

On unix:
$ uuidgen
Using irc, connect to and type in
/join #mozilla
/msg mozbot uuid

#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(2484a682-3630-4bf5-95f1-4ba6353a0874)]
interface nsIHello : nsISupports
    attribute string yourName;
    void write();
    void change(in string aValue);

Sample JS implementation source file
Then create a file called nsHello.js and put this inside.


function MyComponent() {}

MyComponent.prototype = {

    get yourName()        { return this.value; },
    set yourName(aName) { return this.value = aName; },

    write: function () { dump("Hello " + this.value + "\n"); },

    change: function (aValue) { this.value = aValue; },

    QueryInterface: function (iid) {

        if (!iid.equals(Components.interfaces.nsIHello) 
				&& !iid.equals(Components.interfaces.nsISupports))
            throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE;
        return this;

    value : "a default value"


var myModule = {

    firstTime  : true,

    registerSelf: function (compMgr, fileSpec, location, type) {

        if (this.firstTime)
            dump("*** first time registration of Hello World JS component\n");
            this.firstTime = false;
            throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_FACTORY_REGISTER_AGAIN;

        dump(" ***** Registering: HELLO WORLD JS component! ****\n");
                                          "My JS Component",
                                          this.myProgID, fileSpec,
                                          location, true, true,

    getClassObject: function (compMgr, cid, iid) {

        if (!cid.equals(this.myCID))
            throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE;

        if (!iid.equals(Components.interfaces.nsIFactory))
            throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED;

        return this.myFactory;

    myCID: Components.ID("{2484a682-3630-4bf5-95f1-4ba6353a0874}"),

    myProgID: "hello_world_component", // the proper format for this would be;1

    myFactory: {

        createInstance: function (outer, iid) {
            dump("CI: " + iid + "\n");
            if (outer != null)
                throw Components.results.NS_ERROR_NO_AGGREGATION;

            return (new MyComponent()).QueryInterface(iid);

    canUnload: function(compMgr) {
        dump("****** Unloading: HELLO WORLD JS component! ****** \n");
        return true;

function NSGetModule(compMgr, fileSpec) { return myModule; }


Compiling an xpidl interface

First you will need to set the path of your xpidl compiler in your environment.
Which is located in your mozilla source tree.


Here is the output of my unix session starting with these two source files from above:

$ ls
nsIHello.idl  nsHello.js

$ PATH=$PATH:/home/petejc/MOZILLA/mozilla/xpcom/typelib/xpidl

$ echo $PATH

$ xpidl --help
ERROR: must specify output mode
Usage: xpidl [-m mode] [-w] [-v] [-I path] [-o basename] filename.idl
       -a emit annotations to typelib
       -w turn on warnings (recommended)
       -v verbose mode (NYI)
       -I add entry to start of include path for ``#include "nsIThing.idl"''
       -o use basename (e.g. ``/tmp/nsIThing'') for output
       -m specify output mode:
          header        Generate C++ header            (.h)
          typelib       Generate XPConnect typelib     (.xpt)
          doc           Generate HTML documentation    (.html)
          java          Generate Java interface        (.java)

$ XPIDL_INC=/home/petejc/MOZILLA/mozilla/xpcom/base export XPIDL_INC
$ echo $XPIDL_INC

$ xpidl -m typelib -w -v -I $XPIDL_INC \
> -o nsIHello nsIHello.idl

$ ls
nsIHello.idl  nsIHello.xpt  nsHello.js

$ cp nsIHello.xpt nsHello.js \
> /home/petejc/MOZILLA/mozilla/dist/bin/components/

Testing your interface
When you run xpcshell the result should look something like this:

$ cd /home/petejc/MOZILLA/mozilla/dist/bin/
$ js
Type Manifest File: /home/petejc/MOZILLA/mozilla/dist/bin/components/xpti.dat
nsNativeComponentLoader: autoregistering begins.
nsNativeComponentLoader: autoregistering succeeded
 ***** Registering: HELLO WORLD JS component! ****
nNCL: registering deferred (0)
js> const Hello=new Components.Constructor("hello_world_component", "nsIHello");
js> var hello=new Hello();
CI: {2484a682-3630-4bf5-95f1-4ba6353a0874}
js> for(var list in hello)
js> hello.yourName;
a default value
js> hello.yourName="Pete";
js> hello.write();
Hello Pete
js> hello.change("Brian");
js> hello.write();
Hello Brian
js> hello.yourName;

CanUnload_enumerate: skipping native
From a web page you can do this: <script language="javascript">"UniversalXPConnect"); var Hello=new Components.Constructor("hello_world_component", "nsIHello"); var h=new Hello(); for(var list in h) document.write(list+"<br>\n"); </script> Enjoy!


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In order for the last javascript part to work properly Mozilla had to be restarted.

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