BookmarksHome announced
ShowJavaConsole announced
mozcert announced
TrustBar announced
MozBraiile announced
ImageShowHide announced
PageBookmarks announced
WeatherFox announced
AutoCopy announced
MozillaEnterprise announced
Firexplorer announced
Url2NewTab announced
SuperDragAndGo announced
MozCreator announced
pagerankstatus announced
BioBar announced
BiDi UI announced
Celtx announced
FileManager announced
BugMeNot announced
PMRA announced
Localechanger announced
Sage announced
MAF announced
Habari Xenu announced
langwidge announced
Cookiemanager announced
LookAhead announced
CookieCuller announced
cuneAform announced
OneClick announced
words announced
Latchword Browser Bar announced
mozsoapapp announced
Xscroll announced
3DBuzzToolbar announced
EVM announced
JRex announced
SelectSearch announced
SearchWP announced
Motella project announced
DownloadWith project announced
Weather project announced
mozless project announced
MID project announced
Converter project announced
ljpost project announced
firstfield project announced
Outliner project announced
Delphi project announced
MozPython project announced
Launchy project announced
Mozimage project announced
DictionarySearch project announced
ReloadEvery project announced
Outbox project announced
Mogle project announced
MacPKG project announced
Searchsidebar project announced
Cute project announced
MozManual project announced
MacroTracker project announced
Dictionaries project announced
URLFix project announced
MozillaES creado en Mozdev
easyGestures project announced
QuoteColors project announced
QuickManager project announced
vCard project announced
Links project announced
Image Zoomer project announced
EditCSS project announced
mozdev turns 3!
DeepestSender project announced
MozFBRH project announced
Dizzy project announced
Thunderbird NL project announced
Nukes Web Hosting donates to mozdev
Helpblaster project announced
XulBuilder project announced
PasteIP project announced
FireBird Help project announced
jsBEEP project announced
MAB project announced
MozPHP project announced
External Projects page posted
Lindows donates to mozdev pledge drive
JS Console project announced
GooglebarL10N project announced
addressContext project announced
HON project announced
Mozex project announced
Mapit project announced
QuickTools project announced
TuvBar project announced
New enhancement project categories posted
Extension Room project announced
New add-on projects: ForceContentType, IEStreamConv, TipBar, Der Tandem Browser, Throbbers and TuxHealth
XUL Channels project announced
The move to the new hosting facility was successful!
NegotiateAuth project announced
Bugxula project announced
BookSync project announced
LinkVisitor project announced
MSDbar project announced
CardGames project announced
MBS project announced
Mozile project announced
Electrix project announced
DownloadStatusbar project announced
addycomplete project announced
MozdevWiki now available
Bazil project announced
NextImage project announced
eXPatCOM project announced
DailyComics project announced
Smoothwheel project announced
Consultants project announced
SecClab project added
StumbleUpon project added
DerBrowserTimer project added
People at Mozdev page posted
Help us test Bugzilla 2.16.2
RDFBase project up for adoption german site launched
RikaiXUL project added
PayPal donation option now available
Consultants page up for adoption
SaTiMoz project added
Mnenhy project added
mozplugger project added
StormZilla project added
Gnusto project added
cookiebar project added
mozPresnet project added
DynamicLinks project added
langmixer project added
MDEE project added
Donations page added
MySQLXPCOM project added
wmlbrowser project added
XULMaker project relaunched with new owner
Autoscroll project added
Checky project added
LiveHTTPHeaders project added
Remote Application Development with Mozilla article on OreillyNet
bestof project added
Companion project added
AdBlock project added
Slashzilla project added
MySQLClient project added
Feature Requests and Bug Reports documentation added
CVS diff for guest now working
MozNotes project added
MOJI project added
XPointerLib project added
XPTK project added
Preferential project added
Linky project added
Archangel project added
The recently announced Sardine project is up for adoption
XULit project added
Bloquezilla project added
Sila project added
AbiMoz project added
NeedleSearch project added
New list created
The new XP Server project is up for adoption
QuickPrefs project added
PolMoz project added
BBSzilla project added
Googlebar project added
gimli project added
mozdev turns 2!
mozdev-announce list created
Books project added
Composite project added
iPilot project added
Mozilla and Mozdev presentation at New York PHP Meeting 8/28 at 6:30
ExPASyBar project added
Faster online
First rsync server online
New Top 50 page posted
New FAQ page posted
vBrowse project added
wishlist project added
leech project added
mozfr project added
TagZilla project added
newsAlert project added
refspoof project added
Diggler project added
mozcvs project added
QLookup project up for adoption
MessageID-Finder project added
Securita project added
LayerEmu project added
Mozilla 1.0 Release Party (New York City)
Themes project added
Bugzilla upgraded to 2.14.1
PluginDoc project added
CaScadeS project added
mirrors project added
Livelizard project added
Consultants and Links pages added
mozdev mentioned in a CNet article
EvangelMoz project added
SVGgraphs project added
spellchecker project added
Hovercraft project added
CMU developer meeting review posted
Updated documentation posted
ThinSkin project added
kiosk project added
mozBlog project added
Summary of sitewide CSS changes
0.9.8 for FreeBSD
uabar project added
Sherlock renamed to Mycroft
Chimera project added
European Mozilla Developer Meeting
Enigmail project added
mozigo project added
mozget project renamed to getmoz
New poll about favicon
Code Beamer for mozilla
0.9.7 for FreeBSD
EasySearch project added
Banner Blind project added
BrowserG! project added
0.9.6 for FreeBSD
XULmine project added
plXPCOM project added
Mozilla Developer Day November 9, 2001
0.9.5 for FreeBSD
Optimoz project added
RSSzilla project added
mozdev turns 1!
Pueblo project added
Lodur project added
mozilla 0.9.4 for FreeBSD
dndtools project renamed to rpgtools
wwwampire project added
Unbelievable. The world trade center buildings have collapsed here in NY.
JabberXM project added
The mozdev community would like to send a shout out to HJ from the multizilla project. Get well soon HJ.
Several projects have been put up for adoption
Website project added
MUDzilla project added
MozStreamer project added
FreeBSD build for 0.9.3
XBLref project added
rbXPCOM project added
PubMed project added
Mozilla Community Day takes place on the last day of the O'Reilly Open Source Conference
FreeBSD build for 0.9.2
An experimental install of Recall is available
Abzilla project added
FreeBSD builds for 0.9.1
FileZilla renamed to Meow
FileZilla project added
MultiZilla project added
mozilla libpr0n image library site
Improved FTP server added
Bonsai added to site
New FreeBSD builds posted
IRC server added to site. Stop by and talk to us...
Start new project page added
Annozilla project added
Stalemate project added
Xerces project renamed to Xanthes
Vote for a new name for Sherlock
Wishlist page added
Recall project added
Project Polls feature added
RBase project added
MESS project added
There will be a chat session on Monday 19th.
There will be a chat session on Monday 12th.
XULMaker project added
Project Categories added to site
FreeBSD project added
Beonex project added
MozCalc project added
Hello World JS Component for Windows posted by Eric Murphy.
New Themes section on Chameleon features themes built with the tool
Fabula technical overview posted These Aren't Your Father's Browsers on LinuxPlanet
Empire building, Mozilla style on CNet
Jabberzilla Beta 0 is out!
Hermes project updated
Easter egg added to site. Can you find it? (Congrats to Kim Steckler for finding it first)
Xerces project added
notes and pictures from NY Developer Meeting
games project gets major overhaul
Protozilla Rocks! Gets mentioned on Slashdot
Newsgroups added
JSlib: Eric Plaster has checked in a completely redesigned rdf class
mozdev mentioned in Linux Today
NY Developer Meeting agenda and schedule posted
CollabNet press release about mozdev
Hermes project added
mozdev mentioned in a New York Times article
Snippets project added
User notes functionality added
Mozilla 0.7 FreeBSD binary available
mozmp project added
LXR added to Tools
Hello World JS component added to Developer Notes
Jabber server installed on mozdev
Lizzard project added
Improved Installation Script added to Developer Notes
Password protected content enabled
NY Developer Meeting information posted
Sherlock project added
Protozilla project added
mozAmiga project added
Amoeba project updated
Anonymous FTP now available to mozdev users.
Some new screen shots of two themes whipped up w/ Chameleon.
mozOffice project updated
Jabberzilla project updated
Bookie project added
New mailing lists added
Aphrodite 0.05 available!
The eagle has landed! Chameleon now works on ALL platforms (Thanks to my wife for letting me hijack her ibook) --pete
Amoeba project added
JSLIB project updated
Fabula project updated. Installs now available
Nareau project added
Using xpcshell 101 posted in Developer Notes
JabberZilla project added
Chameleon install now works with PR3, M18 and nightly builds!
EU project added
MozIDE project added
Aphrodite nightly install works with M18!
JSLib project added
For Developers section added
New Chameleon screenshot added
TranZilla project added
Aphrodite and Chameleon nightly now working again
Developer Notes: A working Hello World package
BugZilla added to tools
ForumZilla project added
Daily CVS commits tool added to Aphrodite project
Fabula project added site launched!

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