Feedback is a community effort. We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.

Project Feedback

For feedback regarding a specific project hosted on please contact the project owner via the "members" page or post to the project's mailing list.

Note: Your post to the mailing list including your email address will be public. Posts to a mailing list, or to its corresponding newsgroup, are available to anyone to see online. If you are concerned about spam, contact the owner directly.

Mozilla Questions

If you have questions about Mozilla software, including the Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firefox or Mozilla Thunderbird, please visit the support section at

Mozdev website and services

To make any comments or report mistakes about the website, such as broken links and out of date information, contact the site admins at

If you are a project owner or contributor and need help with one of your projects please file a bug against the Mozdev product in our Bugzilla. Below are links to the bug entry form for some common topics:

Questions or comments not answered in the FAQ can be submitted from our feedback page.
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