Featured Projects in 2002

Week of December 16, 2002: Preferential aims to provide all users of Gecko browsers (eg. Mozilla, Phoenix) with a simple interface that allows for the modification of any preference. The latest version is available for installation on the project site along with screenshots of it in use and a forum for feedback about the project.

Week of December 9, 2002: MozNotes is an add-on for Mozilla that allows you to scribble down 'sticky' or 'postit' notes. This project is still in the early stage of development, but there is already an installable version to try out. Try it out and post your comments to the project's feedback page.

Week of December 2, 2002: Linky is an add-on for the Mozilla browser that expands the context menu with a number of useful new features. Check out the project site to take a look at Linky in action, install the latest version, or post any feedback you have on the project.

Week of November 25, 2002: JSLib is a collection of easy to use APIs that make life easier for Mozilla application developers by providing a set of general purpose programming routines. Install the latest version of the libraries and talk to others about programming with JSLib on the mailing list.

Week of November 11, 2002: Aphrodite was one of the first alternative Mozilla-based browsers. The project had been dormant for a long time, but the latest version should work with the newer versions of Mozilla. Take a look at some of the different themes that are available including the different flavors of the Sullivan skin.

Week of November 4, 2002: Googlebar is a project that is emulating the functionality of the Google toolbar for Mozilla. Take a look at the toolbar in use, install the latest version, and check out the bottom of the home page for relevant disclaimers.

Week of October 28, 2002: MozOffice was recently picked up for adoption by a new project owner. More information is set to be posted to the project main page soon, but for now there has been a lot of discussion on the mailing list about the future and direction of the project. Check out what is in store for Mozilla-based office suites.

Week of October 14, 2002: Mycroft provides a rich collection of search for Mozilla-based browsers. Take a look at the more than 140 search plugins that are available in the download section. If you would like to help add to this list, check out the contribute guidelines.

Week of October 7, 2002: MozFR is working on translating all of the Mozilla documentation into French. Take a look at their translation of the Mozilla 1.0 Start Page and join their mailing list if you are interested in offering your help or learning more about the project.

Week of September 30, 2002: MultiZilla is the original tabbed browsing project for Mozilla that inspired the default tabbed browser feature. Install the latest version and check out some of the additional features that MultiZilla adds to tabbed browsing with Mozilla.

Week of September 23, 2002: PluginDoc provides documentation on how to install current and legacy browser plugins. Find out where to get plugins for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other platforms. For more information, take a look at the links page.

Week of September 16, 2002: Chimera is a fast browser with a clean interface that's based on Mozilla's rendering engine and is made specifically for Mac OS X. Grab the newest 0.5 release and join the mailing list to talk to other users about this browser.

Week of September 2, 2002: MozBlog is a tool to enable people to blog with Mozilla while they are surfing. Install the latest version and join the mailing list to talk about MozBlog with others.

Week of August 26, 2002: Protozilla is a browser add-on that makes it very easy to implement protocols in Mozilla. It is not a traditional browser plugin, but may be described as a "socket adapter". Download Protozilla and find out how to get started using this project.

Week of August 19, 2002: Spellchecker is a very useful add-on for Mozilla. Grab the latest version and give it a try. If you have any questions or suggestions for the project, try posting to the project's mailing list.

Week of August 12, 2002: CaScadeS is a stylesheet editor for Composer, the HTML editor of Mozilla/Netscape. Take a look at a number of demos that show how to use the editor and install the latest version.

Week of August 5, 2002: EasySearch is an application for making searching on the Internet easier by adding a search "bar" to the browser. Install the latest version or take a look at some screenshots of EasySearch in use.

Week of July 28, 2002: David Gillen's snake game (aka Hiss-zilla). Snake is a clone of the popular Snake or Worm game, in which the aim is to eat apples as your tail grows ever longer. Eric Murphy has posted a modified version that you can play just by clicking on the link. This version uses XPConnect to allow full-screen viewing of the game (known to work in Windows).

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