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A number of books are now available that provide information about Firefox and Mozilla. The following is a partial list that is sorted by publication date. The older books contain useful information, although some of the content may be out of date.

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Firefox for Dummies published October 2005
Pro FireFox Extension and Application Developer published September 2005
Firefox and Thunderbird published September 2005
Mozilla Firefox: Introductory Concepts and Techniques published September 2005
Hacking Firefox published July 2005
Don't Click on the Blue E! published May 2005
Firefox Secrets published April 2005
Firefox and Thunderbird Garage published April 2005
Firefox Hacks published March 2005
Rapid Application Development with Mozilla published November 2003
Creating Applications with Mozilla published October 2002
Essential XUL Programming published July 2001
Netscape Mozilla Source Code Guide published December 1999

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